Thursday, April 17, 2014

The addition of the imposition of the rule of PageRank status

Google Adsense as an organizer ( the last information I got , I also

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have to buy adwords ) , also has the same position with the spammers and SEO , which is to advertise products and enhance the " traffic " . The only way to speed up the marketing of a product on the internet is to multiply the link / link leading to these products . And this will impact on high "traffic " associated with the link / link the products of your blog / website that put it up . This condition is a " fruit simalakama " for Google . These methods replicated and used by spammers to promote a product . Similarly, by the SEO in increasing " traffic " blog / site of his client .
The use of means of marketing products and excessive increase in traffic by spammers and SEO has resulted in increased traffic blogs / websites unreasonably . The high traffic will automatically affect the status of PageRank blog / site in question . With such conditions , at least , has made Google's share thinking to tighten purity basic method of its PageRank products that focus on that side .
Referring to the statement issued by the anti - spam experts from Google - Matt Cutts ( end of 2012 ) at the discretion of the application of the rule of PageRank to a / several sites considered quite radical . Google does not recognize the "hit " based on the interests of the sales / promotion / advertisement in the count of backlinks PageRank fixed on a blog / site . This statement is like a " double-edged sword " for the organizers of advertising on the internet .
Google will equate treatment averaged penalty against blogs / whatever oriented site receives traffic promotional / advertising / selling products . Is the traffic desired by the recipient or not , Google will remove it from the status of the current PageRank update is done .
The impact his status downgraded Google PageRank blog / Portal Agen Judi Bola Sbobet Piala Dunia 2014 site traffic receiver and downgraded "trustworthy " on your blog / site in question . This is the concern of the bloggers / site owners in general , ie how to identify and prevent the traffic that has been directed to your blog / site they are by blogger / owner of a commercial site ?

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