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levels high protein and carbohydrate

    Mix 1 bottle VITERNA Plus (500 cc) and 1 bottle NASA POC (500 cc) into a special container. Add to the mix the solution with 20 cc HORMONIK. Stir or shake until evenly mixed.
     Furthermore, given to cattle at a dose of 10 cc per cow. Interval 2 times a day, ie morning and afternoon.

I Make a Modern Beef Cattle Feed
Giving concentrate has become an alternative modern cattle

Concentrate For Beef Cattle Feed

Concentrate feed is one medium that could be considered mandatory for all types of cattle ranchers who chase cattle, especially cows intersection. Concentrate also known as a feed ingredient nutrient levels high protein and carbohydrate and crude fiber content is low (below 18%). To make a good concentrate there are some combinations of natural ingredients / organic that we can use as a concentrate of making a good composition. The material composition of the concentrate is commonly used and easily available are as follows

     Bran (bran) with a composition of 70% or 75% or can be replaced with an alternative form of rods which there are sago thatch thatch. Replacement with stem thatch certainly have their own reasons besides economically cheaper prices thatch stems of rice bran / bran because many also found in almost all regions of Indonesia. In the nutrient content of sago palm stems have a high enough carbohydrates. Sago palm trunks can be processed by means of its outer skin peeled and crushed stem thatch that has been peeled by machine or manually by means chopped to a size of 0.5 cm or smaller. Last soak chopped outcome with water,
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     Corn flour with a composition of 8% -10%, especially the need to supplement your diet of fiber and crude fat were not present in the bran. Therefore, when corn flour and bran combined to complement each other.

     Coconut cake with a composition of 10% -15% can be replaced or peanut meal or soybean course with nutrition that is different. Coconut cake is the result of the rest of creation and exploitation of coconut oil derived from coconut meat that has been dried beforehand which acts as a source of protein.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

There are four methods of cultivation

There are four methods of cultivation of mussels that had been known to the public, namely the step, step on the Raft, Raft Floating and Longline / Rawai. On this occasion will be explained step on the raft method. This method is a combination of step and floating raft method.
Bamboo planted firmly in the bottom waters. Placement rafts must take into account the low height of the raft pasangsurutguna avoid dryness. Raft size depending on the location of habit, to 6 x 15 m, the material needs (see the analysis of the business). Collector ropes (rope enlargement) is placed on a raft with a step on each rope distance of approximately 1 m. Production that can be obtained for the enlargement 5-6 months for a
SARANG303 AGEN BOLA SBOBET IBCBET CASINO 338A TANGKAS TOGEL ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA rope ranged between 20-25 kg, so the total production in the first step on the raft over approximately 9,000 -10 000 kg.


The size of the green mussel consumption in general is a medium-size or size skewer that is 6-8 cm. Green mussel can be harvested after 5-6 months of maintenance. Good quality green mussel flesh is thick and creamy. Harvesting should use a knife or sharp object to cause erosion of the green mussel used a blunt knife if mussels are harvested will quickly die of wounds on byssus thread, so it will decrease its economic value.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Akarnya form a stump, the higher the better.

Akarnya form a stump, the higher the better. Fine root fibers
The roots and stumps larger than the trunk.
5.Lengan mayangnya is the magnitude and not too hard ..
6.Buahnya numerous and large (> 4cm).
7.Ijuknya many smooth, not rough all.
8.Saat he flowering females, no other nearby palm

Palm trees are the eight criteria above is to be used as a potential tree breeding. Is taken from the seeds of the ripe fruits which are on the outside of Virgin, or half of the upper strands Virgin. Fruits are located inside the Virgin, poorly made ​​going to seed.


How to make palm seeds:
Fruit in old trees cut in half the bunches mayangnya the bottom, and then discarded. Remaining fruit ripe and fall left alone.

The fruit is collected in a place exposed to the sun, then stepped up to rupture. Then watered and dried. Half a month later the seeds are taken then washed. Be careful to do it, because it is very itchy palm fruit. When exposed to the sap that itch, wash with soap and then wash it with rice husk ash. When swelling occurs, immediately to the doctor.

In Indonesia there is a lot of sugar plant and spread almost throughout the archipelago, particularly in the hills and valleys.

Palm plants actually do not need special soil conditions (Hatta-Sunanto, 1982) so it can grow on clay soils, smeared and gritty, but aren not stand on a high acidic soil (pH of the soil is too acidic). Palm can be grown at an altitude of 9-1400 feet above sea level. But most good growth at an altitude of 500-800 meters above sea level with rainfall more than 1,200 mm a year or in temperate and wet according to Schmidt and Ferguson.

C. The names of Regional

Aren (arrenge pinnata) has many local names such as: bakjuk / bakjok (Aceh), pattern / paula (Karo), Bagot (Toba), Agaton / bargat (Mandailaing), anau / neluluk / nanggong (Java), sugar / kawung (Sundanese), Hanau (Dayak, Borneo), Onau (Toraja, Sulawesi), where / nawa-nawa (Ambon, Maluku).

D. Uses palm tree.

Palm trees can be used, either serve as conservation,
SARANA99.COM AGEN TEXAS POKER DAN DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA as well as the production function that produces a variety of commodities that have economic value.

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Aneemia Rohkesti rauda, ​​Petai stimuleerivad punaste vereliblede ja aitab kehvveresuse.

PMS (premenstruaalne sündroom) Kui teil on PMS, kui `külaline" tulema, siis ei ole vaja võtta see pill või et üsna ületada süües banaani. Vitamiin B6 sisalduvad banaan reguleerida veresuhkru taset, mis aitab teie meeleolu.
Kõrge vererõhk See ainulaadne troopilised puuviljad on väga kõrge kaaliumi, kuid vähese soolasisaldusega, mistõttu on täiuslik võitlemiseks vererõhk. Nii palju, et FDA on just lubatud banaaniistandusi teha ametlikke nõudeid puuvilja võime vähendada vererõhku ja insult.

Badak88 Agen Bola Resmi Promo 100% SBOBET IBCBET Jelang Piala Dunia 2014Talvedepressioon (SAD) (kaootiline emotsionaalne haigus) Kui võrrelda seda, et Apple, see on neli korda rohkem valku, kaks korda nii palju süsivesikuid, kolm korda fosfor, viiekordne vitamiini ja rauda ning kaks korda rohkem teisi vitamiine ja mineraale. Pete on rikas ka kaaliumi puu parima toidu väärtus. Nii nagu siis, kui banaan oli hüüdnimega "Petai päevas hoiab arsti eemal" (söö banaani päevas hoiab sind arst)
Parandada ajupotentsiaali 200 õpilasele Twickenhami (Middlesex) kooli aidati läbi oma eksamid sel aastal süües Petai hommikusöögi, paus, ja lõunasöök. Uuringud on näidanud, et kaaliumi pakendatud puu võib aidata õppida tehes õpilased erksamaks.
Haavandid. Petai kasutatakse dieettoit vastu soolestiku kes tegutseb eestkostja seedetrakti, sest tema pehme tekstuuri ja sileduse. See puu on ainult toores puu, mis võib süüa ilma stressi üle-kroonik juhtudel. Vili on ka võimalik neutraliseerida maohappe ja vähendab ärritust, kattes mao limaskesta

1.2 Probleem formuleerimine
1. Kas on olemas mõju pruulitud tee setted banaani taimede kasvu? 2 mis on kõrgem seas banaan taimed toidetud pruulitud tee pära mitte? 3 Mis kasu on pruulitud tee jäätmete taim?

1.3 Uuringu eesmärgid Uuringu eesmärk oli määrata kindlaks mõju pruulitud tee setted banaani taimede kasvu.

1.4 Teadusuuringud Hüpoteesid Seal on kõrguste vahe banaani taimed anti setted tee pruulitud banaani taimed ei ole esitatud setted tee pruulitud. Banana taimed anti pruulitud tee pära kõrgem võrreldes banaa
BUAHPOKER.COM AGEN POKER DOMINO ONLINE UANG ASLI INDONESIA TERPERCAYA TANPA ROBOT n taimed, mis ei ole antud setted tee pruulitud. Vala jäägid võivad parandada mulla viljakust, stimuleerida kasvu juured, varred ja lehed

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Les chevaux étaient doux, comme cheval arabe, Morgan,

Les chevaux étaient doux, comme cheval arabe, Morgan, Quarter Horse, Peinture et pur-sang peut peser environ 590 kg. Les chevaux sont "lourds" ou des bêtes de somme, comme le Clydesdale, Projet, Percheron, Shire et pesant jusqu'à 907 kg peut atteindre.

Les chevaux sont dans le cycle de 12 ans des animaux qui apparaissent dans le zodiaque chinois lié au calendrier chinois. Selon le folklore chinois, chaque animal est associé à certains traits de personnalité, et ceux qui sont nés dans le cheval sont: intelligent, indépendant et libre d'esprit.
après le chien, notre fidèle ami est un cheval? Cheval animal de compagnie n'a jamais quitté son employeur contraint autrement.
Nos amis fidèles peuvent nous apporter beaucoup de kilomètres sans fatigue. Les chevaux sont des animaux qui ont aidé les humains à travers l'histoire.
Actuellement, vous pouvez voir des milliers de voitures dans les rues et de nombreuses routes sont construites pour ces voitures. Cependant, les humains servent de nouvelles voitures au cours du siècle dernier. A l'époque du grand-père ou grand-mère est née, il y avait pas de voitures. A cette époque, les animaux, particulièrement les chevaux, sont utilisés comme un moyen de transport.
Saviez-vous que vous pouvez marquer l'âge d'un cheval en regardant ses dents? Parce que l'herbe est mangée par les chevaux à base de sable et de poussière, leurs dents s'usent lentement et le taux d'usure est accuse son âge. Toutefois, les dents de cheval réels très longtemps. Ces dents sont identiques à une clé intégrée dans la mâchoire. En comparaison avec les dents, les racines des dents sont profondes chez le cheval. Lorsque les dents commencent à s'user, les parties qui sont incorporés dans le début de la mâchoire apparaissent. Même les chevaux sont très vieux, leurs racines seront visibles sur la surface de la gencive. Chaque dent peut être porté tout au long de 2,5 à 5 cm avant qu'elle ne peut pas être utilisé pour la mastication. Pensez un instant, si notre Seigneur n'a pas donné ces propriétés pour le cheval, l'animal sera bientôt perdre ses dents et morts de faim.
Notre Seigneur a aussi d'autres fonctions importantes dans les plumes de cheval. Crin de cheval dans une sorte de thermostat - un dispositif utilisé pour réguler la température du corps - pour eux. Leurs corps doivent être maintenus à une température de 38 degrés Celsius. Pour maintenir cette température, le crin est plus long en hiver. En été, un cheval versé plumes, de sorte que leur température corporelle est maintenue.
Il ya une autre propriété intéressante du cheval: les chevaux dorment debout! Savez-vous comment ils essaient de l'empêcher de tomber? En raison de leurs os de la jambe ont la capacité de "verrouiller" pendant le sommeil. Merci à la capacité que Dieu a donné à ces chevaux, ils peuvent dormir debout et portant également une lourde charge. Pendant ce temps, la tête humain
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Les pieds de chevaux ont été créées non seulement pour être en mesure de transporter de lourdes charges, mais aussi à courir vite. Contrairement à d'autres animaux, le cheval n'a pas de clavicule, un caractère qui leur permet d'enjamber la largeur. En outre, il existe un mécanisme dans les os et les muscles de ses jambes qui diminue la quantité d'énergie libérée quand ils ont couru plus rapidement et d'améliorer la capacité de se déplacer. Ce mécanisme est similaire à la fonction des engrenages dans la voiture. Comme la voiture est allumé lorsque la vitesse supérieure plus en plus vite, le cheval a été mis à la "vitesse" est plus élevé si vous voulez courir plus vite. Alors que la puissance nécessaire pour entraîner le déclin, l'augmentation des capacités de mouvement.
Eh bien, pourquoi le corps du cheval est conçu pour être capable de porter des charges lourdes et peut courir vite? Portant effectivement une lourde charge ou cheval rapide de fonctionner n'est pas une compétence nécessaire pour lui-même. Alors, pourquoi faire les chevaux ont de telles propriétés? Seray Barbe ou qui a le nom latin Alophoxius Bres (de bulbul à joues grises en anglais) est une famille de Pycnonotidae. Ce oiseaux frugivores ont besetan son assez typique et est souvent accompagné par un tir, que ce soit Cucak barbichette femelles mâles ou Cucak. Bien que par certains gazouillis manie Cucak barbe est souvent considéré comme un maître oiseau, mais dans son développement, barbe Cucak peut également être utilisé comme une mascotte et même dimaster par d'autres oiseaux, en particulier Cucak barbe virile.
Pour être en mesure de distinguer la barbe sexes de Cucak, fondamentalement, il n'est pas facile comme caractériser ijo de Cucak ou d'autres oiseaux. Néanmoins, voici un aperçu en cours membedakancucak Cucak barbe mâle et femelle barbe.
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1 Caractéristiques Cucak Barbe Jantanistematika

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El ajo es propagada por tubérculos. Por lo tanto, si usted

  El ajo es propagada por tubérculos. Por lo tanto, si usted no quiere preocuparse, acaba de comprar unos dientes de ajo y puith ahorrar varios meses para ver cualquier puerros están comenzando a emerger del tubérculo. Es un signo de cebollas listos para ser plantadas. PoSeniorAgen.com Agen Bola Tangkas Online Terpercaya dan Terbaik 2014r lo general, en un método más profesional, ajo vivero comienza a almacenar el tubérculo en su lugar con temperaturas que oscilan en número de 5 grados Celsius. La temperatura puede estimular el proceso de pengumbian bien.
Una vez que las plántulas están listas, asegúrese de que el suelo cebollas medianas están a punto de ser plantado en un estado fértil. Si es inferior, se puede procesar por adelantado usando compost. Después ratakaanlah suelo.
El siguiente paso es hacer el hoyo con una profundidad de entre 2 a 3 cm. Separación de cada semilla de cebolla es de 8 a 10 cm. Una vez listo, el ajo planta.
En el proceso de crecimiento, el ajo no requiere una gran cantidad de agua por lo que no es necesario regar frecuentemente. Cebollas daño será mayor si el suelo está mojado. Usted necesita considerar sólo de plagas de plantas en cultivos tales como hierbas ajo
Período de cosecha ajo puede ser visto desde las hojas que tienen color amarillo, marrón y luego se marchitan. Si ha encontrado estas condiciones, es decir, su ajo está listo para la cosecha.
Una vez cosechado, no guarde el ajo en condiciones de humedad causan potencialmente peligroso. Preferiblemente, una vez retirado de la tierra, el ajo viento anginkanlah y luego almacenado previo aviso.

UBCPOKER.com Situs Judi Poker Online Terbaik Terpercaya¿Cómo, cómo plantar ajo en el patio es bastante fácil ¿no? Una semilla puede producir 1 diente de ajo de ajo. Así, se aprovechan de su jardín plantando ajos, el sabor de esta especia. Felicidades agricultura sí!
Etapas Penmeliharaan

Este proceso incluye el riego, deshierbe, pembumbunan, fertilización y control de plagas. El riego se realiza en la mañana y la tarde. Pero en el momento de la planta es de 11 a 60 días, el riego se realiza una sola vez que podría ser en la mañana o por la tarde. Mientras tanto, los pasos deshierbe tomado para limpiar las malas hierbas alrededor de las cebollas de las plantas. El pembumbunan, realizado con el objetivo de mantener las cebollas cubiertos con tierra todo patio perfectamente. Fertilización Paso realizó a la edad de 10 a 15 días y luego a la edad de 30 a 35 días después de que las cebollas se plantan.

GudangPoker.com  Situs Judi Poker Online Terbaik TerpercayaEl siguiente es el control de plagas. Hay varios tipos de plagas y enfermedades que pudieran interferir con la cebolla roja. Pero en causas generales, tales como virus, gusanos, bacterias y hongos. Para minimizar su potencial, utilice GLIO en el procesamiento tanag y plántulas de cebolla, cuando a punto de plantarse. Para los virus, utilice pesitisan química a perecer. Para orugas plagas, puede utilizar insecticidas.

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Organic fertilizer should be five to eight times a year.

Organic fertilizer should be five to eight times a year. Once fertilization about 20 kilograms (kg) - 40 kg per seedling. Medium, inorganic fertilizers are givenAgen Casino Online one to two times per month at a dose of 100 grams - 300 grams per pohon.Tanaman noni is a type of plant that is easy to grow, it is easy for us who want to cultivate noni. These plants can be grown on former plantation land, dry land, paddy fields, forests or used. Things that need to be done in preparation of the land, among others:

Clear land from the remains of plants will be planted in the former if forests and plantations
Land should be treated with caution so as not damaged topsoil.
If planted in the paddy field or moor do not have to be cleaned. Immediately made the planting hole for noni seeds.
If noni will be planted on sloping terraces need to be made to prevent landslides. The degree of acidity or pH of the soil is suitable for noni between 6-7. Ketinggianlahan between 0-700 m above sea level.
Doing liming with dolomite lime sprinkled way to the ground and left for 7-14 days. Advantages of calcification is, the soil becomes loose, reduce t
Agen Judi Bolaoxic substances, and reduce the loss of nutrient elements.
Noni nursery important thing to nursery is noni seed types. The types of noni can be divided into three, namely:
cultivation, noni, how to plant it
• Seed Generative Generative seedlings obtained from seeding. It takes a relatively long time. From the resulting 40-50 noni seeds.
• Seed Vegetative Seeds obtained by culturing the vegetative parts of the plant, ie cuttings. These seedlings were planted in pots suitable for less powerful roots. If planted in the land feared easy to collapse.
• Ready to Plant Seeds

Agen Bola TerpercayaSeedlings ready for planting obtained by buying in seed providers, this seed has a 0.5-1 m high in the age of 2.5-3 months. The seedlings can be planted directly and emppat months later was fruitful. Noni seedlings can be obtained by making your own, that is by generative and vegetative.

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Sorry New Kang replied, Soap can be

Sorry New Kang replied, Soap can be very dangerous for catfish, if you have a spare pond fish should be moved first and the pond drained immediately and replace the water, then do it again the preparation of the water as usual, but if kang udin n
Indotophosting.com Hosting Unlimited dan Domain Murah Terbaik di Indonesiaot have a backup pool, let alone drain the water swimming half, then fill again with new water according dengam initial volume, a successful greeting ...

27 Oct 2011


ass .. wr .. wb .. kang hendry ..
I want to ask ya,, I am sowing seeds in an 6 × 4 sbanyak 3000 tail with 2/3/4/5 or even the size 6, on day 2 dead fish tail sbanyak 26, who wanted to sya ask why yes why fish that some residual dead body or even the rest of stengah kpalanya aja, whether the influence of cannibal fish because I cm give shingga powder feed hungry fish mation on?
Thank sblumnya yes kang ^ _ ^

Oct. 29, 2011


Regards Gan Ara :)

Admin is one deh name (it's okay)
It is probable that cannibalism occurred in catfish ponds gan Ara, due to differences in seed size signifiikan, just imagine if the size of 2 cm compared with 5 cm especially with the size of 6 cm, guaranteed size 5 and 6 is definitely a big fast because eating the best food, namely meat catfish brother :) you should do as soon as possible to sort and classify fish according to size, a successful greeting ...

Singgasana Hotels & Resorts pilihan akomodasi terbaik di Indonesia    Oct. 29, 2011

oky Schumacher

For my boss interested in catfish breeding
for sizes such as my new-tails For how kira2 need nursery and fish size is how many cm?
I plan to use his pool tarp
the size of the meter and ask how terimaksih boss.
following question to the next ..

November 1, 2011

oky Schumacher

I received the answer pack blm

November 2, 2011



We are sorry if late reply comments, because a lot of questions that go to the admin, I have replied to the question, well, a successful greeting ...

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PLANTA DE RECAUDACION DE MANTENIMIENTO siembra SAGO Cómo generativa con adelgazamiento: Hecho después de un mes, es decir, 25 × 25 cm; 30 × 30 cm; o 40 × 40 cm. Durante el tiempo de la siembra se mantiene 80-90% de humedad. Dada la sombra para evitar el contacto directo con la luz solar. El riego se hace todo el tiempo. TRANSFERENCIA DE LA PLANTA DE RECAUDACION DE CRIA SAGO Formas generativas:
SARANG303 AGEN BOLA SBOBET IBCBET CASINO 338A TANGKAS TOGEL ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA Plántulas de 6-12 meses de edad se pueden mover o plantados. De nombramiento para el jardín o la plantación fácil y barato lugar con métodos generativos y vegetativas. Generativo es mediante el uso de semillas de las frutas que son viejos y caen del árbol. Las semillas de frijol utilizados se derivan de ambos árboles padres, exuberantes y alta producción Cantidad de precipitación que es óptimo para el crecimiento de sagú entre / año 2000-4000 mm, que se extiende de manera uniforme a lo largo del año. Sago puede crecer hasta una altura de 700 m sobre el nivel del mar (msnm), pero la mejor producción de sagú se encuentra a una altura de 400 m sobre el nivel del mar. La temperatura óptima para el crecimiento de sagú osciló entre 24,50 - 15oC a 29oC y la temperatura mínima, humedad relativa del 90%. Sago puede crecer bien en los 100 LS - 150 N y 90-180 Darajat BT, que recibe energía de la luz del sol durante todo el año. Sagú se puede cultivar en áreas con humedad relativa del aire 40%. La humedad óptima para el crecimiento es 60%. Las actividades incluyen la preparación de material de siembra; 1) la selección de semillas, 2) tratamiento de semillas, y 3) vivero. El objetivo de todas estas actividades es conseguir semillas de buena calidad, libre de plagas y enfermedades de las plantas para que las semillas pueden ser plantadas en el campo con un porcentaje más alto de vida. Actividades de cultivo incluyen: 1) La siembra en el campo; ABUT para la cría debe ser maduros o mayores (árbol madre se ha cosechado 3-4 veces), lindan 2-5 kg ​​de peso, joro
  1.  Singgasana Hotels & Resorts pilihan akomodasi terbaik di Indonesia
ba o contrafuertes forma de "L". 2). ABUT separación del árbol madre se hace cortando la zona del cuello, leñosa (dura), las raíces alrededor de los estolones como raíces y las raíces podadas duro para apoyarse en el tallo de 4-5 cm y 30-40 cm cortado hacia arriba .. 3). ABUT que han sido separados de su madre debe ser sembrado inmediatamente (menos de 24 horas) para aumentar el porcentaje de vivo colindan. Lindan ya dilangsir a la orilla del canal debe estar húmeda y sombreada para evitar la luz solar directa puede reducir los niveles de agua se apoyan. 4). Antes de tope dispuestos en balsas persemain screening debe ser llevado a cabo por la frescura de las semillas se caracterizan por un nervio central fresca y brillante, viejo tope marcado por el color rosado en los contrafuertes, lindan 2-5 kg ​​de peso, joroba o contrafuertes forma de "L", de alta nervio central lindan cortar hasta 30-40 cm, las plagas y enfermedades sertatidak. 5). Una vez seleccionado tope, tope sumergido en una solución de fungicida (Dithane) para evitar plagas u hongos. Dosis de solución fungicida utilizado es 2 gramos / litro o 2 cc / litro de agua. Largo de remojar las semillas en la solución de ± 2-5 minutos. 6). Sistema de cría es las balsas de cría realizados en el canal con agua corriente. Fronda de palma sagú balsa adultos mayores. Balsa de medicSUNDULBET, AGEN BOLA SBOBET IBCBET CASINO 338A TANGKAS TOGEL ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA ión de 2,5 x 1 Merer que puede acomodar a 70-80, dependiendo del tamaño de los contrafuertes hacen tope. (Figura 5). 7). ABUT siembra en la balsa durante 3 meses. La siembra es demasiado largo será difícil para el proceso de transporte, ya que se apoyan demasiado grande. ABUT crecimiento en el vivero con frecuencia no uniforme.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Seed Germination Techniques

Preparation of Media Semai - Prepare Natural GLIO: 1-2 Natural packaging GLIO mixed with 25-50 kg of manure to the land of 1000 m2. Let stand + 1 week in the shade by always keeping the humidity and occasional stirring (reversed). - Mix the finely ground (already sifted) 2 parts or 2 buckets (10 liters volume), mature manure that has been finely sifted as much as 1 part or 1 bucket, TSP (± 50 g) were dissolved in 2 cap NASA POC, and Natural GLIO that have been grown in manure (1-3 kg). Insert media into polybag seedlings small 8 × 10 cm up to 90% charged.
3.1.2. Seed Germination Techniques Seeds inserted into the fabric and tied, then
danmogot.com Toko online murah terbaik di Indonesiamarinated in herbs: 1 liter of warm water temperature of 20-250C NASA POC + 1 tablespoon (soaked 8-12 hours). Seeds in the bond taken, wrapped in newspaper and then brooded 1-2 days. If there were germinated and planted taken to add water if dry and wrapped in a cloth and then put the paper again.
3.1.3. Maintenance of Seed and Seedling Seed - Media seedlings watered sufficiently clean water. Seeds of selected candidates along the roots are 2-3 mm, direct sowing in polybags 1-1.5 cm deep. - Pockets lined nursery that put full sunlight. Given a transparent plastic protection, one end / edge open. - Spray POC NASA to spur the development of seedlings, performed routinely every 3-4 days. Watering 1-2 times a day. At the age of 12-14 days seedlings ready to be planted.
3.2. Media Processing Plant 3.2.1. Land Opening Piracy + 30 cm deep, smoothed and leveled. Clean the area of ​​the remains of roots and rocks.
3.2.2. Formation Beds 6-8 m wide beds, a minimum of 20 cm high beds.
3.2.3. Liming The use of lime per 1,000 m2 land at pH 4-5 required 150-200 kg of dolomite, pH 5-6 takes 75-150 kg of dolomite and pH> 6 takes dolomite a
Betklik99 Agen Bola Terpercaya Piala Dunia 2014s much as 50 kg.
3.2.4. Basic Fertilization a. Manure 600 kg / ha, applied to the surface of beds about a week before planting. b. Inorganic fertilizers such as TSP (200 kg / ha), ZA (140 kg / ha) and KCl (130 kg / ha). c. NASA POC Pour enough water that has been mixed with a dose of beds above + 1-2 botol/1000 m2. The results will be great if the POC NASA replaced SUPER NASA, a dose of 1-2 botol/1000 m2 by means of: Alternative 1: 1 bottle SUPER NASA diluted in 3 liters of water used as mother liquor. Then every 50 liters of water was given 200 cc of mother liquor was for watering beds. Alternative 2: every 1 gembor volume 10 lt given 1 tablespoon pressed NASA to flush SUPER + 10 feet of beds.
3.2.5. Others Beds need to be weeded, watered and given a wide plastic mulch with 110-150 cm to inhibit water evaporation and weed growth. Coated on top of mulch hay for the propagation of 2-3 cm thick and laying watermelon fruit.
3.3. Planting Techniques

SARANAPOKER.COM AGEN TEXAS POKER DAN DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA 3.3.1. Hole Making Plant Do One week before planting to a depth of 8-10 cm. Within 20-30 cm from the edge of the beds with the distance between the hole about 90-100 cm.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Skin Rejuvenation and Hair relaxation

Skin Rejuvenation and Hair
     Build collagen fibers which prevent the appearance of fine lines wrinkles
     Minimizes the appearance of fine lines wrinkles
     Increasing moisture, softness and smoothness of the skin.
     Delay skin aging process
     Encourage the regeneration of skin cells, making the skin look younger
     Helps build collagen which improves skin condition
     Helps repair rough and dry skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis.
     Protect your skin from environmental damage
     Helps improve scalp circulation (which helps in preventing hair loss)
      Help improve split ends in the hair

One for All

It is hard to accept the fact that Moringa oil is All in One Natural Skincare. All forms of cosmetic and skin care in one product.

Moringa oil very gently exfoliates dead skin and clean the entire surface of the skin, normalize moisture, suppleness, elasticity and tone of skin color, as well as maintain it stays that way. Use of routine and continuous effect on the skin young and glowing skin. With the content and capabilities of healthy skin effect, the young and radiant, Moringa oil simultaneously serves as a cleanser, moisturizer, protector, replacement of synthetic chemical lotions and creams. In addition, of course, very beauty budget savings while avoiding your skin from pollution, and exposure to residues of synthetic chemicals.

Japanese and Korean women, known for their skin beautiful and healthy, is one of the biggest consumers of oil Moringa. They used to use Moringa oil help promote beautiful and healthy skin.

Many facial and skin care products today are based Moringa oil as an excellent base material. These products can help get rid of dark spots, pimples, blackheads and other skin blemishes. This causes the skin clean and bright in the long run. However, these products also include synthetic chemicals in it. One is the use of preservatives and synthetic fragrances. The use of Moringa oil would be much more beneficial for the skin when used directly, without having to go through the process of becoming an ingredient in cosmetics such as cream or lotion.

With oleic acid content outstanding more than 70%, Moringa oil penetrates deep below the top layer which allows to provide essential nutrients to the skin and keep it young. Moringa oil is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, minerals, fatty acids,
MASTERPOKER88.COM JUDI POKER ONLINE UANG ASLI INDONESIA RESMI DAN TERPERCAYAoleic acid (Omega 9) and behenic acid, which allows it to be easily absorbed into the skin without feeling greasy and ensure skin receives the nutrients it needs to repair and sustain itself.

Good for Oily Skin

Often times we assume the use of oils on the skin and facial pores will close. Moringa oil does not clog pores, even when used on oily skin types. Moringa oil is oil that is stable and not oxidized in a very long time, more than five years. When used as a moisturizer, Moringa oil will actually normalize and balance oil production, so that the skin is free of blemishes and healthy.

Moringa oil is rich in cytokinins. Cytokinins are plant hormones that promote cell growth and delay the aging process by delaying cell death and tissue damage. Most potent cytokinin is zeatin. Moringa oil containing zeatin thousands of times higher than other plants, making it an important part of any program of skin care and hair.

rejuvenate Skin

Moringa Source recommends the use of Morin
SARANAPOKER.COM AGEN TEXAS POKER DAN DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYAga oil directly to skin 1-2 times a day to improve skin softness within one week, and improves skin elasticity within a month. To help heal and cool sunburn, apply on the affected area twice a day. Oil Moringa contains 4 times the collagen of Carrot Oil, thus helping to rebuild the skin's collagen fibers to minimize wrinkles.