Saturday, March 15, 2014

How to plant fruit duku

How to plant fruit dukuDuku fruit crops are generally planted in their yards or dilahan moor . Duku fruit crop is an annual plant that is easy to be Agen Judi Poker Online Terpercaya Indonesia  ated , because Duku fruit trees have a long life so that maintenance is not as effective as other seasonal fruit crops . As for how duku cultivation can be done monukultur or in intercropping . How monukultur planting fruit trees duku usually occurs because of family farm labor or capital shortage for crop intercropping .Duku fruit Penaman monukultur done in a simple manner , namely: land that has been processed and labeled planting holes approximately 2 months prior to planting is cleaned again , because the land to be planted with fruit duku usually grow weeds and other plants that will be competitors duku plants . Pembersiahan dilahan weed planting hole can be done in a manner lifted , dug and cleared using a sickle or machete . Used weeds around the planting hole should be collected which will be used as a mulch / ground cover around the plant Duku fruit . How intercropping planting beginners ( new land ) is actually very effective because Duku fruit trees planted at a spacing of 7m x 8m , growth takes about 4-5 years ( seed grafting ) new fruit and even then depending on their maintenance effectiveness . After weeding , then performed according to the manufacture of the planting hole spacing simultaneously prepared diareal land to be planted bua duku .Hole Making Plant JUDI BOLA, AGEN BOLA, AGEN JUDI BOLA PIALA DUNIAPreparation of the planting hole in the planting of fruit duku very different from treatment in the manufacture of tillage planting hole . Making ample use of the planting hole using a hoe or a spoon also garfu to dig . How to dig a planting hole that is digging the ground with more or less wide and deep as the seed planting medium size duku in the nursery .Duku Fruit Seed PreparationDuku fruit preparation that will ditanaman dilahan are as follows ;Fruit seeds duku been excellent ( healthy , thriving , undamaged semainya media and not attacked by pests and penakit ) . The seeds watered daluhu first before being transported and distributed throughout the planting hole . The seeds are packed using bamboo baskets or other plastic box carefully then distributed using a dolly or cart to bear pits have been prepared kemudaian seeds ready for planting .How PlantingDuku fruit growers can be divided into two planting seasons ( rainy season and dry season ) . When the rainy season planting soil conditions must have been quite a lot of water content but instead when the dry season planting in soil conditions must be shortage of water content , so the planting of fruit duku dry season watering should be done in advance to contain sufficient water capacity . Planting seeds is not difficult Duku , Agen Judi Poker Online Terpercaya Indonesia r seed planting hole and prepared the area under the land ready for planting fruit duku .Planting fruit duku started by removing the growing media wrapper carefully so that the roots of seedlings duku not putuh / damaged then put the plant in the planting hole slowly . Duku fruit plants on hold using the left hand then right hand draw soil media to cover the planting hole until full and then compacted plants use both hands to position the plants upright and sturdy . When the fruit crop seedlings duku 've STAYED naman enforcement needs to be done by plugging in two bamboo slats left or right with a wide range of media Duku fruit seeds and seed rods clamped using the blade position and then tied with a rope to two rods and bamboo slats enforcement . The purpose of the seeds remain upright and when the wind blows and the rain was not broken and collapsed . Furthermore dilkukan watering and Agen Judi Poker dan Domino Uang Asli Indonesia

mulch installation of dry grasses to maintain soil moisture and avoid hardening .

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