Saturday, March 29, 2014

Optimistic and Cheerful

A good man is he who is always optimistic and cheerful. You will never know how your life in the future, you can only plan. He will Taruhan Bola Online remain optimistic despite planned something fails, he will remain cheerful with you through all the trials that hit you.

7. Intelligent And Responsible
Smart and Responsible are two things that must be held for menadi good man. Smart here I mean not just smart in terms of 'value (quantity)' but 'weight (quality)'. As I have explained above that the good guy will precisely determine where the right choices and know which one. And again, both men will be responsible for taking care of himself, you, and his family.

Characteristics A few Good Men For Women that can be loaded in contained Blog, may be useful to you. Do not be mistaken and finally conclude all men are the same, find your best guy there. One of them who has written this article. hehehehee :)

18. Many cheap and with a smile.

19. Listen more than talk.

20. A smile is ketawanya.

21. Not laugh out loud.

22. His voice was not loud and rarely didengari by men not mahram.

23. Do not like to leave the house without urgent business to circumvent libel.

24. Steer clear of collection who is cursed and so as not to be mistaken mengeji bersubahat.

25. Not horrendous grief his heart and hide his grief.

26. Accept the allegations as a test kafarah GOD and sin.

27. Was always praying for family, others and also for those who persecuted him.

28. Sociable with everyone without thinking stage and level of education.

29. Not wasteful in the shop and arrange kewangannya clever.

30. Be careful with what he ate and away from food syubhah.

31. Pity and sorry for pets such as cats, rabbit, bird, fish and others.

32. Love the environment, love gardening and flowers. Priority to hygiene.

33. Focuses genitalia are considered trivial Jadwal Bola  as ankle, foot, elbow and arm. How to wear a glove and legs.

34. No good pretending to be commended and flattery than humans.

35. Not view possessions as well as the richness of life as the most important factor of happiness. Religion takes precedence.

Many other characteristics of the Muslim woman, it's just sebahagian thereof. Sedaya just try out a definite effort to be the best in the eyes of Allah, not the best in the human eye.

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