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Many pests that attack plants caterpillars fruit jengko

Many pests that attack plants caterpillars fruit jengkol most often sleep and eat away jengkol old fruit until the fruit rotten and slimy, other attacks are squirrels (squirrels). Squirrels really like the half-gnawed fruit jengkol old because at that Sistem Pertanian Modern time jengkol taste sweet. Other pests which attack many communities or farmers called "boloren" attack jengkol tree, the cambium but not only attacked the tree has reached the hearts, if not saved the tree will dry out and die. Until now it is processed from fruit jengkol still limited to direct commodities for consumption stalls with a variety of processed foods such as rendang, stews or vegetables special. Now jengkol also began Economics Humanities Politics News Sports Entertainment Lifestyle Travel Health Media Techno Freez Young Green Jakarta Fiksiana Home Green Greening Article Greening Fajr Muchtar
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This country is indeed a stage play hectic life. Centuri problem has not subsided, Hambalang alleged corruption allegedly involving Democratic Party officials. Hot wild ball kept rolling hit MCC. Unfinished also has appeared again bombings in Poso. The only part I remember a hot issue.
At this stage, all of a sudden there was news jengkol price (Archidendron pauciflorum) soar, surpass the price of meat (Reuters 04/06/2013). If the price soared jengkol might Bang Iwan Fals will replace the song lyric into
Your first cries marked soaring fuel (bounced)
I'm sorry that your parents can not afford to buy jengkol ...
Perencanaan Penggunaan Lahan  ouch ironic really. As if the child will be given jengkol?
According Wamen Krisnamurthi as quoted from TEMPO, jengkol price spike was due to falling trees jengkol supply, he said, can grow as high as 10-25 feet. The plant can bear fruit throughout the year, but harvest rayanya occur around November to January each year.

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