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Technical Guidelines for Aquaculture

Technical Guidelines for Aquaculture Breeding Of crop cocoa was more often done in generative because the seeds produced in quick time and number. Terms Seeds Seeds good shaped fruit comes from normal, healthy and ripe fruit on the tree is yellow, if rocked arises voice and if crushed by handJasa SEO Berkualitas arises echo. Good seed must meet the requirements, among others:

Normal seedling growth, that is not small and not very robust.
Free of pests and diseases and other damage.
Aged 4-6 months.
Completion Seeds The fruit is cut longitudinally, and the seeds are taken in the middle of 20-25. Clean the mucus of the squeeze-remasnya in sawdust then rinsed with water and soaked with fungicides. The seeds are dried in the sun. Good seed sprouts exerts at least 80%.
Cocoa seed sowing techniques Location Embankment seedbed cleared of trees and grass and rocks and gravel. Embankment Dimensions 1.2 x 1.5 m long and 10-15 m tall 10 cm north-south direction. Embankment soil hoed 30 cm, having trimmed rated 5-10 cm layer of sand and Embankment given by a retaining wall made of wood / brick. Embankment given shade of woven reed leaves, coconut / sugar cane with high roof on the East side of 1.5 m and 1.2 m on the West side.
Before sowing the seeds dipped in 2.5% formalin for 10 minutes. Embedded seeds (seed points are placed at the bottom) into the sand to a depth of 1/3 section with spacing 2.5 x 5 cm. Immediately after sowing, the seeds are watered. Further watering is done twice a day and sprayed insecticide if necessary. Seed pieces are not simultaneously open up to be helped by hand. After 4-5 days in seedbed seedlings have germinated and ready dipindahtanamkan into polybag.
Conservation breeding Cocoa Media nursery form of a mixture of fertile soil, manure and sand in comparison 2:1:1, then the media is filtered and put into polybag 20 x 30 cm u
Jasa SEO Indonesiap to 1-2 cm below the edge polybag. Sprout eligible to be transferred to the nursery germinated on day 4-5 and straight roots. A cocoa bean sprouts included in the index deep hole, and the hole is closed to the media. Polybag containing sprouts stored on-site nursery with a distance of 60 cm in an equilateral triangle pattern. So that was no

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