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Organic fertilizer should be five to eight times a year.

Organic fertilizer should be five to eight times a year. Once fertilization about 20 kilograms (kg) - 40 kg per seedling. Medium, inorganic fertilizers are givenAgen Casino Online one to two times per month at a dose of 100 grams - 300 grams per pohon.Tanaman noni is a type of plant that is easy to grow, it is easy for us who want to cultivate noni. These plants can be grown on former plantation land, dry land, paddy fields, forests or used. Things that need to be done in preparation of the land, among others:

Clear land from the remains of plants will be planted in the former if forests and plantations
Land should be treated with caution so as not damaged topsoil.
If planted in the paddy field or moor do not have to be cleaned. Immediately made the planting hole for noni seeds.
If noni will be planted on sloping terraces need to be made to prevent landslides. The degree of acidity or pH of the soil is suitable for noni between 6-7. Ketinggianlahan between 0-700 m above sea level.
Doing liming with dolomite lime sprinkled way to the ground and left for 7-14 days. Advantages of calcification is, the soil becomes loose, reduce t
Agen Judi Bolaoxic substances, and reduce the loss of nutrient elements.
Noni nursery important thing to nursery is noni seed types. The types of noni can be divided into three, namely:
cultivation, noni, how to plant it
• Seed Generative Generative seedlings obtained from seeding. It takes a relatively long time. From the resulting 40-50 noni seeds.
• Seed Vegetative Seeds obtained by culturing the vegetative parts of the plant, ie cuttings. These seedlings were planted in pots suitable for less powerful roots. If planted in the land feared easy to collapse.
• Ready to Plant Seeds

Agen Bola TerpercayaSeedlings ready for planting obtained by buying in seed providers, this seed has a 0.5-1 m high in the age of 2.5-3 months. The seedlings can be planted directly and emppat months later was fruitful. Noni seedlings can be obtained by making your own, that is by generative and vegetative.

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