Thursday, July 3, 2014

Seed Germination Techniques

Preparation of Media Semai - Prepare Natural GLIO: 1-2 Natural packaging GLIO mixed with 25-50 kg of manure to the land of 1000 m2. Let stand + 1 week in the shade by always keeping the humidity and occasional stirring (reversed). - Mix the finely ground (already sifted) 2 parts or 2 buckets (10 liters volume), mature manure that has been finely sifted as much as 1 part or 1 bucket, TSP (± 50 g) were dissolved in 2 cap NASA POC, and Natural GLIO that have been grown in manure (1-3 kg). Insert media into polybag seedlings small 8 × 10 cm up to 90% charged.
3.1.2. Seed Germination Techniques Seeds inserted into the fabric and tied, then Toko online murah terbaik di Indonesiamarinated in herbs: 1 liter of warm water temperature of 20-250C NASA POC + 1 tablespoon (soaked 8-12 hours). Seeds in the bond taken, wrapped in newspaper and then brooded 1-2 days. If there were germinated and planted taken to add water if dry and wrapped in a cloth and then put the paper again.
3.1.3. Maintenance of Seed and Seedling Seed - Media seedlings watered sufficiently clean water. Seeds of selected candidates along the roots are 2-3 mm, direct sowing in polybags 1-1.5 cm deep. - Pockets lined nursery that put full sunlight. Given a transparent plastic protection, one end / edge open. - Spray POC NASA to spur the development of seedlings, performed routinely every 3-4 days. Watering 1-2 times a day. At the age of 12-14 days seedlings ready to be planted.
3.2. Media Processing Plant 3.2.1. Land Opening Piracy + 30 cm deep, smoothed and leveled. Clean the area of ​​the remains of roots and rocks.
3.2.2. Formation Beds 6-8 m wide beds, a minimum of 20 cm high beds.
3.2.3. Liming The use of lime per 1,000 m2 land at pH 4-5 required 150-200 kg of dolomite, pH 5-6 takes 75-150 kg of dolomite and pH> 6 takes dolomite a
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3.2.4. Basic Fertilization a. Manure 600 kg / ha, applied to the surface of beds about a week before planting. b. Inorganic fertilizers such as TSP (200 kg / ha), ZA (140 kg / ha) and KCl (130 kg / ha). c. NASA POC Pour enough water that has been mixed with a dose of beds above + 1-2 botol/1000 m2. The results will be great if the POC NASA replaced SUPER NASA, a dose of 1-2 botol/1000 m2 by means of: Alternative 1: 1 bottle SUPER NASA diluted in 3 liters of water used as mother liquor. Then every 50 liters of water was given 200 cc of mother liquor was for watering beds. Alternative 2: every 1 gembor volume 10 lt given 1 tablespoon pressed NASA to flush SUPER + 10 feet of beds.
3.2.5. Others Beds need to be weeded, watered and given a wide plastic mulch with 110-150 cm to inhibit water evaporation and weed growth. Coated on top of mulch hay for the propagation of 2-3 cm thick and laying watermelon fruit.
3.3. Planting Techniques

SARANAPOKER.COM AGEN TEXAS POKER DAN DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA 3.3.1. Hole Making Plant Do One week before planting to a depth of 8-10 cm. Within 20-30 cm from the edge of the beds with the distance between the hole about 90-100 cm.

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