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Akarnya form a stump, the higher the better.

Akarnya form a stump, the higher the better. Fine root fibers
The roots and stumps larger than the trunk.
5.Lengan mayangnya is the magnitude and not too hard ..
6.Buahnya numerous and large (> 4cm).
7.Ijuknya many smooth, not rough all.
8.Saat he flowering females, no other nearby palm

Palm trees are the eight criteria above is to be used as a potential tree breeding. Is taken from the seeds of the ripe fruits which are on the outside of Virgin, or half of the upper strands Virgin. Fruits are located inside the Virgin, poorly made ​​going to seed.


How to make palm seeds:
Fruit in old trees cut in half the bunches mayangnya the bottom, and then discarded. Remaining fruit ripe and fall left alone.

The fruit is collected in a place exposed to the sun, then stepped up to rupture. Then watered and dried. Half a month later the seeds are taken then washed. Be careful to do it, because it is very itchy palm fruit. When exposed to the sap that itch, wash with soap and then wash it with rice husk ash. When swelling occurs, immediately to the doctor.

In Indonesia there is a lot of sugar plant and spread almost throughout the archipelago, particularly in the hills and valleys.

Palm plants actually do not need special soil conditions (Hatta-Sunanto, 1982) so it can grow on clay soils, smeared and gritty, but aren not stand on a high acidic soil (pH of the soil is too acidic). Palm can be grown at an altitude of 9-1400 feet above sea level. But most good growth at an altitude of 500-800 meters above sea level with rainfall more than 1,200 mm a year or in temperate and wet according to Schmidt and Ferguson.

C. The names of Regional

Aren (arrenge pinnata) has many local names such as: bakjuk / bakjok (Aceh), pattern / paula (Karo), Bagot (Toba), Agaton / bargat (Mandailaing), anau / neluluk / nanggong (Java), sugar / kawung (Sundanese), Hanau (Dayak, Borneo), Onau (Toraja, Sulawesi), where / nawa-nawa (Ambon, Maluku).

D. Uses palm tree.

Palm trees can be used, either serve as conservation,
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