Tuesday, September 30, 2014

levels high protein and carbohydrate

    Mix 1 bottle VITERNA Plus (500 cc) and 1 bottle NASA POC (500 cc) into a special container. Add to the mix the solution with 20 cc HORMONIK. Stir or shake until evenly mixed.
     Furthermore, given to cattle at a dose of 10 cc per cow. Interval 2 times a day, ie morning and afternoon.

I Make a Modern Beef Cattle Feed
Giving concentrate has become an alternative modern cattle

Concentrate For Beef Cattle Feed

Concentrate feed is one medium that could be considered mandatory for all types of cattle ranchers who chase cattle, especially cows intersection. Concentrate also known as a feed ingredient nutrient levels high protein and carbohydrate and crude fiber content is low (below 18%). To make a good concentrate there are some combinations of natural ingredients / organic that we can use as a concentrate of making a good composition. The material composition of the concentrate is commonly used and easily available are as follows

     Bran (bran) with a composition of 70% or 75% or can be replaced with an alternative form of rods which there are sago thatch thatch. Replacement with stem thatch certainly have their own reasons besides economically cheaper prices thatch stems of rice bran / bran because many also found in almost all regions of Indonesia. In the nutrient content of sago palm stems have a high enough carbohydrates. Sago palm trunks can be processed by means of its outer skin peeled and crushed stem thatch that has been peeled by machine or manually by means chopped to a size of 0.5 cm or smaller. Last soak chopped outcome with water,
PokerBuaya.com Agen Judi Poker, Domino Online Indonesia Terpercaya leave it for a day and give it to the cow.

     Corn flour with a composition of 8% -10%, especially the need to supplement your diet of fiber and crude fat were not present in the bran. Therefore, when corn flour and bran combined to complement each other.

     Coconut cake with a composition of 10% -15% can be replaced or peanut meal or soybean course with nutrition that is different. Coconut cake is the result of the rest of creation and exploitation of coconut oil derived from coconut meat that has been dried beforehand which acts as a source of protein.

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