Tuesday, February 4, 2014

From curhatan the A , the B and the C , and so on , it can be mapped how a man playing a woman .

From curhatan the A , the B and the C , and so on , it can be mapped how a man playing a woman . Modus together , that's it . Well his name is also human , thinking aligned in some respects and not perfect .
And according to those who have

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a broken heart , who never at - PHP - i , who never left , and never get hurt , this is the conclusion of how a man playing a woman's heart . Beware yes , ladies .
looks macho
Men often show that he is a ' man ' by doing some Things that make a man a woman's heart melt . For example : always escort shuttle , stroking hair , bringing goods , took the time to walk , and so forth . The aim is that the woman was amazed and fall in love . But wait , a man of this kind usually are not necessarily fond of women , often of his desire is a feeling admired and preferred women to restore his confidence .
Unfortunately , the act of a man who is often destroy the hearts of women who already expect a lot of him .
You look more beautiful when ...
There are times when you hear these words come out of a man who had earlier showcased on your kemachoannya . And then this sentence so as attention sometimes possessive . For example, when he says " you better wear like jeans instead of wearing mini-skirts yesterday . I do not like to see you wear a mini skirt or short . Tomorrow , when you go out with me again do not wear short - short yes ... "
Calm down ladies . You know why any clothing that is suitable for you to wear . As long as he provides positive feedback , ok no problem . But if he 's trying to show the possessive side without changing the status of your relationship with him , hmmm ... do not trigger a flowery and pretentious consumed his attention .
" I'm the same care you ... "
If a guy is playing games of your feelings , and do not have the firmness , he would say " I care the same as you ! "
He was too afraid to assert her feelings , and was too scared to make a commitment to reason is not ready or trauma . Well, if that's the reason anyway , right past you and obviously different people , so why should be afraid of getting sick again ?
And did you know that this sentence has a lot of hurt women . Hope that relations labeled ' live alone yes ' this will led to the commitment and happiness , anyway it was only ended by a misunderstanding . Do you ever feel it ?
spin out time
This he called the relationship labeled

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' live alone ' . When judging again , no ancient man who says ' live alone yes' to a committed relationship . Generally, they are always resolute , even though they know they 've broken hearts , they never disappointed , they have been hurt , or do not have anything that could be promised .
Ancient men more macho , know how to be responsible , and know how to be men .
Ladies , there are listening curhatan capital , there are escort shuttle , no one noticed via SMS / call / chat alone was not enough to promise you a love relationship . Better not expect the man who was never able to give clarity to you. Do not expect and want to get into the trap of the man who is actually just playing you , but taking care to meet their shields .
Respect yourself , and get the love of a man who is worthy of your love . ( vem / bee )

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