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Maintenance of young plants that have b Judi Poker Online dan Domino Kiu Kiu Uang Asli Indonesia een in the area needs to be checked whether growing well . If there are plants that die or grow ugly , should be embroidered . Weeding should be conducted . Weeds that grow revoked or dikored . Weeding time no need to wait until the grass grows large or many . These weeds are even more dangerous when the plants are still mada due to the competitiveness of plant roots to absorb nutrients is still very low . The flowers that grow to be discarded . If not then the fresh shoots of production will decrease . Flower buds discarded once a week while doing the trimming . Arrange to be compact branching and shoot growth will not be biased , but equally in all directions. Manure fertilization dose given was 10 tons / ha . Basil needs to get additional fertilizer that contains nitrogen , urea sepeni . This element is important to stimulate perlumbuhan basil leaves continuously . Fertilization is done during the first 3 weeks old plants . Fertilization second 5 -week old plants . Whenever picking , give 3 g of nitrogen fertilizer per plant . Urea fertilizer requirements for the basil plant is 150 kg / ha .
Pests and Diseases
Pests and diseases that attack the very few basil plants . Even farmers are very rare basil insecticide spraying . This spraying is avoided for fear of residue remains on the leaves are harvested regularly . Nonetheless , if found caterpillars that attack the leaves of basil in large quantities , can be done as much control with insecticides Azodrin 20-30 cc / 1 water ; or Diazinon 60 EC at a dose of 1-2 cc / 1 water .
Harvest and Post Harvest
Since the age of 50 days after planting , can already be picked basil leaves . Perform picking on young leaves as do the pl  Situs Judi Poker Online Terbaik Terpercayaucking tea shoots . The flush will stimulate the growth of new branches that allow more new shoots grow . New shoots can be harvested in the next harvest period . Harvest basil shoots can be done up to the old -old plants . If you want a long -lived plant , jangan.biarkan until flowering and fruiting . Separate plants specifically for its nut as seedlings . In this way , the plant to be taken bud produkdvitasnya undisturbed . Another alternative to leaving one or two branches that are left flowering and fruiting . Once the seed is old branches trimmed . Usually basil plucked along 15 cm . If you want to be marketed basil together in a small bond containing 5-10 rod .

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