Sunday, June 8, 2014

Turtledove I've spent since 4 years ago.

Turtledove I've spent since 4 years ago. And after that, I switched cultivate particular type of humming bird Murai Pulau PramukaMedan. Besides Murai, I also developing Blacktroad birds. Both of these birds in my opinion very prospect in terms of economy. In addition the results are great, the production process is also very fast. "He added. Degrees claimed, for now in, ordering magpie chicks in farmnya so high. Not only from the region Ngawi, the buyer also comes from big cities such as Jakarta, Surabaya, Malang to Bali. Despite the high demand, the birds are ready to sell is still very limited. This is what makes the business for the cultivation of a humming bird chirping mania is very promising.
"However, if you want to be a breeder bird Murai well desp
Wisata Pulau Pariite maintaining quality. Always give quality food, containing nutrients and good nutrition. Every day, we also have to check the food, do not get food late which will lead to stress the birds. Typical bird humming bird it is like basking in the morning sun. It's good in the cage was left half open, and there are also places teduhnya. The best food is made Murai Kroto mixed with pellets. "Said the man who also sell in this market. Murai itself is actually one of the best smart Warbler (from family Turdidae) which currently has a lot of fans. Drajat said, taking care magpie is actually quite easy and fun, if you already know the character. As for the types, there are several kinds of famous Murai, including Murai Batu Aceh, Lampung Murai Batu, Murai Batu Lahat, Murai Batu Jambi, and Murai Kalimantan (Borneo).
magpie cultivation field "Birds Murai, birds chirping which arguably has very good power, even arguably second to none. The sound that came out was quite melodious and varied. Power is in Murai, very physical tergandung with the bird itself. As for the song, we can browse through the mastering process. "Reveal Drajat.

Obat pembesar Penis VimaxDegrees also said, to get a diverse variations chirp, Murai pemasteran ideally performed at 5 months of age upwards. "Females and males have different songs. If female, are generally very menoton songs. Whereas males have a variety of chirp Magpie diverse, and long ngeroll power. Usually males are also often used as bird race, because it generally has a good mental fighter. "Added a man who likes the world of birds since childhood that.

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