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Soil processing. Land, may be selected former wetland plants or on dry land / moor sufficient irrigation, how: Sports ground with a hoe, waste weeds, gemburkan, let dried between 15 to 30 days. Though again the ground while making the beds-beds of 100 cm width, height 20-30 cm (length depends on the condition of the land), trench spacing between beds 30-40 cm, for intake and drainage channels. Add manure that has been cooked (so) at a dose of 10-20 tonnes / ha, stir until well blended with soil, Clean up your incorrect beds until the seedlings are ready for planting.
Planting. Tuberose Planting can be done throughout the season, provided adequate soil water. But the right time should be adjusted, so that the time of harvest falls on big days for example. Creating the planting hole with a distance of 20 X 20 cm, Instill 1 1 bulb into the planting hole with the upright position of the bulbs set buds facing upwards direction. Provide basic form of urea fertilizer as 6 kw / ha in a way put in the hole on the left
Obat pembesar Penis Vimax and right or between rows of bolt holes made tanam.Tutup planting hole that has been filled bulbs with soil about ± 7.5 cm, in order to quickly dissolve the fertilizer groundwater. Flush with water beds to retain moisture.
Maintenance can be:

Irrigation / watering: especially in the early phase of seedling growth (1-2 times daily) or depending on the state of the ground, in the morning and evening, when the soil temperature is not too high;
Stitching: for seeds that do not grow or decay, at least 5-15 days after planting, so that the growth of seedlings can be uniform embroidered with seed that has been grown in advance;
Weeding: to get rid of weeds, 3 months after planting or grass growth depends on the circumstances; should also be done at the time of weeding scarify the soil;
Fertilization aftershocks: (6 months after planting) with a mixture of 150 kg N + 100 kg P2O5 + 100 kg K2O, to improve plant growth before the flowering tuberose. How to do a total fertilizer sJual Tuberose Flower Bulbs. Tuberose f
Jadwal Bolalowers or in Latin is called Polianthes tuberosa is a plant that has flowers are fragrant and bloom at night, tuberose flowers are thought to originate from Mexico. Tuberose flowers grow merumpun and has flat leaves are green, with white flowers that grow attached to the elongated flower stalks that sometimes there are about 5-12 flowers, tuberose flower much cultivated as a cut flower. Can also be used as a scent in perfumes.

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