Monday, June 16, 2014

Seed stocking ready for cultivation Abalone

Seed stocking ready for cultivation AbaloneRelatively uniform seed size that is 1 cm / tail (shell length) or more.Have been able to utilize feed fresh seaweed as food, such as Gracilaria sp.Sensitive to the response from the outside, healthy abalone seed because it will quickly respond to stimulation from the outside.
Agen Judi OnlineAbalone tend strongly attached to the substrate when touched, if soaked in fresh water will shrink and harden, sea water will be returned to quickly perform the movement.If they are so chewy and dense not limp.Shells are not broken or defective and there are no wounds on the body / flesh.
G. Spreading SeedsMaintenance in Keramba cage with high stocking density due to the circulation of water at all times so that the water quality is guaranteed.integrated with tail 200-300 stocking density of grouper / waring (1x1x1m3).monocultures stocking density of 100 fish / waring (0.5x1x1m3).The selection of quality seeds.Acclimatization 15-20 minutes.Stocked.
H. Feeding
The feed is seaweed, by the way: Feed administered 4-5 days 2-3kg/unit container. If the stench, because they contain toxic substances (NH3 and H2S) then do control, newly replaced rotten feed.

Taruhan Bola OnlineI. Water Quality ManagementManagement is done with replacement container or waring once a month.Organisms engaging in waring need to be cleaned so as not to interfere with the maintenance of abalone waters.Waring waring long removed and replaced new.Control of rotten food because it contains NH3 attached.
J. HarvestingShell sizes above 8 cm with a weight of 30-40gr.Done selectively.In packing in a plastic bag filled with water and given Garcillaria sp.Density of 20-25 fish / bag volume of 25 L.Inserted in a styrofoam box (27x45x30 cm) fit 2 bags, then given an ice cube bag outside.To transport> 13 hours reduced density.

Agen Judi BolaInformation abalone aquaculture briefly this may be useful, especially in areas that have the potential for development of aquaculture abalone. Finally, if the reader / teacher / principal abalone farming has more experience, please share the experience, send it to editorial

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